Who’s Driving Customer Loyalty

Who’s Got The Most Loyal Customers?

In the automotive category:

1 Toyota

2 Mercedes/BMW (tie)

3 Honda

4 Nissan

5 Saab

6 Chevrolet

7 Jeep

8 Volkswagen

9 Hyundai

10 Chrysler/Volvo* (tie)

11 Ford

12 Kia

13 General Motors

* First time on list

Source: Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index

P.S.: For U.S. cars, I wonder how much loyalty was actually "extortion" resulting from incentives.  Only Chevy cracked the Top 10.


Chrysler to Cut Models

Interesting to note that Chrysler is cutting back on models.

They’re considering halving their line and pruning their dealer network.

More brands would be wise to follow suit.

What do you offer that’s duplicating and/or draining your resources.  How about doing fewer things, but doing them "remarkably" well!

Analyze the word "remarkable." When you do something remarkable – people remark about it!


World’s Best Corporate Reputations


You know, your brand is not what YOU say you are, but rather what THEY
say you are. Where do you think you rank in your industry, state, city,
neighborhood or family? A good place to start is whare people think
about your profession.

This is a great old chart from 2005, but still

Look at the bottom feeders!

I worked in Car Advertising and
am still in Marketing – looks like I have my work cut out for me! Do you?

I came across the Reputation Institute’s RepTrak200 which consists of the 200 companies with the world’s best corporate reputations. Here are their top 15 – sad to see a US company did not crack the Top 10.

Rank – Company – Score
1. Lego (Denmark), 85.01
2. IKEA (Sweden), 84.05
3. Barilla (Italy), 83.53
4. Mercadona (Spain), 83.39
5. AP Møller – Mærsk (Denmark), 83.39
6. Toyota Motor (Japan), 82.79
7. Ferrero (Italy), 82.63
8. Petrobras (Brazil), 82.19
9. Sberbank of Russia (Russia), 81.96
10. Rockwool (Denmark), 81.86
11. Michelin (France), 81.67
12. Danfoss (Denmark), 81.45
13. Swatch Group (Switzerland), 81.29
14. Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works OAO (Russia), 81.17
15. Kraft Foods (USA), 81.07


Napkin Ads

JI Worldwide has a cool new HD napkin-based ad program. The company prints ads on 5″ x 5″
commercial cocktail napkins; advertisers can print a different message
on each of the napkin’s four square panels.

Their distribution network includes 300 retailers in
Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las
Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San
Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C. Napkins can be
distributed to restaurants, sports venues, cinemas, amusement parks,
colleges, nightclubs, bars and airlines.

The company also has a distribution relationship with US Airways too.  Cool stuff.