Auto Industry Speeds Up Online Spending

Sw_automotive1I worked for several years in the early 80’s in automotive marketing and still keep tabs on the industry.  It’s a fascinating one in which so many other industries are tied into it’s success (oil, glass, rubber, electronics etc.,).

It will be interesting to watch their increased marketing efforts online. After leading the US in advertising spending, the automotive sector has dropped into the number two spot behind retail. Ad spending in the
sector is going in reverse—except on the Internet.

According an eMarketer report, Automotive Marketing Online: Negotiating the Curves, even as new-vehicle sales decline, automotive
marketers will spend nearly $3 billion online this year, up 21.6%. And by 2012, automotive online ad spending will top $5.6 billion.


shows that 80% of consumers now consult the Internet at least once during the
car-buying process. The firm report

ed the percentage was 71% in 2006 and 64% in
2004. Recommendations from family and friends are being replaced in
importance by online customer reviews. And it’s commonplace.

A joint comScore and the
Kelsey Group study showed
that 78% of Internet users who read an online review in the automotive category said it influenced their offline purchase decision.

Can you think of
ways to ad online reviews and/or testimonials to your Web site?


50 Most Influential Brands

50goldenTo celebrate its 50-year anniversary, the UK’s Marketing Society launched 50 Golden Brands, that influenced
of the past 50 years

For example, 1959 was ruled the year of Barbie. ’85 went to Microsoft, ’88 to
Nike, ’01 to the iPod, and so on.

All decisions are subject to change and open for debate by anyone. Take a look and tell them if they’re wrong. I think several are missing especially certain people, rock bands etc. It’s certainly a cool topic for discussion and debate.

An even better discussion is the top brand of the last 50 years! How about the Rolling Stones or Beatles? How about Tiger Woods when he becomes the first billion dollar athlete?  Where is Ali? The void in this list is the absence of the individual brand.


Apple’s Spectacular Service


It took me nearly 25 years of my professional life to become an Apple convert and I’m never looking back. The DuoCore technology helped kick me over the fence along with seeing  some fantastic Keynote presentations too. 

However, their incredible service is what’s going to keep me married to them. From my first buying experience to my first service experience they hooked me.

Apple has boosted the number of concierges who greet and direct you with a simple greeting as
soon as you walk in the door, "How can I help you, and where would you like to go?"

Their Genius Bar staffed by smart folks who eat their own dog food – that is, they devour Apple products – is a strategic asset for they no doubt look upon problems as opportunities to serve brand loyalty. And, the way you can schedule an appointment is outstanding too. They’re clearly positioning their service as a marketing strategy and winning people over.

Study Apple’s simple service methods and find ways to apply them to your business and become the "Mac-Daddy" in your space!


Pizza Hut Makes Pasta To Go

Pizza_hutlarge The Pizza Wars are really heating up in the $37 billion industry as sales have slowed down. Back
on April 6th, Pizza Hut, the nation’s largest pizza chain started
delivering pasta — something no pizza chain does nationally
. Its new Tuscani Pastas are Creamy Chicken Alfredo
and Meaty Marinara.

The pasta prices are $11.95, the same as a large pizza
with one topping, and Pizza Hut says they’ll feed a family of six. The pastas
are baked in the pizza ovens and come with five breadsticks. And, they’re good!

Burger and Chicken chains have expanded their menus, but Pizza has been slow to innovate. Based on test market results, a Pizza Hut executive says Pasta could be 15% of Pizza Hut’s business within a
year – all incremental – without hurting pizza sales!

Pizza Hut wants to be a player in "home meal
replacement" and wants a big fat slice of
the $13.7 billion restaurant and take-out pasta business. Domino’s and Papa John’s have no intention to add pasta anytime soon, but I bet they will and I’ll bet Pizza Hut is successful. Just wait until the Super Bowl and March Madness roll around to firmly cement these new product offerings.

The commercial testimonials are real and true and are excellent.

Order a Pizza Hut Pasta tray for your office staff today and ask everyone:

  • Do we budget for innovation?
  • Why do we wait for sales to drop or stall before we innovate?
  • Why don’t we bake-in innovation and invest more in R&D?