How to Save $3 Million Dollars

NBC is telling
advertisers it will cost them $3 million just to get into the game — for 30

Tell them thanks, but no thanks!

Individual slots have sold at $3 million before, it’s
never been the starting point for negotiations.

Anheuser-Busch, has already locked in a rate of about $2 million for
each of its spots and often buys about 10 ads every Super Bowl and purchases ad time
months and years in advance.

And they were just sold to…???

OK, for you SMEs out there, this applies to you too. I’m sure there have been a few "Super Bowls" you’ve bought media in as well.

Well, stop it and simply enjoy the game with your family and friends.

Prove to me where one brand has lifted their sales and/or market share to great heights as a result of buying a spot on the Super Bowl in the last 10-20 years.

Save your time, because you can’t.


Your Good Word is Good for 50 Cents

BzzAgent, the word-of-mouth marketing agency in Boston says that, 50 cents is the value of a conversation on behalf of a brand however WOMMA has yet to agree on a standard metric.

In this era of increased accountability, marketing metrics are key. W-O-M is tough to quantify, but I admire BzzAgent’s effort. They measure success by dividing sales by total conversations.

However, W-O-M efforts vary because every input varies.

Net Promoter score is another good way to try to land on a measurement. It measures a W-O-M program’s success by looking at how many people would
recommend your brand or product to a friend.


To Twit or Not to Twit

Twitter_logo In short, Twitter is is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that lets people to send and read other people’s updates or "tweets" which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters.

My personal jury is still out with its final verdict on Twitter, but while we’re studying the pros and cons of its case, you  may want to check out this excellent BusinessWeek article, "Why Twitter Matters." It’s a terrific primer.

I do believe that Twitter, Blogs and other services/tools such as these offer people and brands a great opportunity to build trusted networks and an authentic true voice.

OK, maybe my jury is out, but I’m a betting man and I’d bet that I’ll be "all a twitter" very soon!

Here’s a slide show to learn more about the Twitter story too.


Give More Props To Email Marketing

According to new research from a MarketingSherpa email marketing study, "Almost one-third of responding organizations view email as a strategic
tool; they invest enough to ‘stay on top of the medium."

The rest seem to just be keeping pace instead of exploiting this "killer app."

After your initial investment of technology, training and people, you can benefit immensely from email marketing without spending a lot more money or time and drive your reach and marketing efficiencies.

So, just do it!


Remembering the Alamo as an Awful Car Rental Agency

I made an online reservation one late Friday evening (7.25.08) to secure a a car (one way) from Pittsburgh to Cleveland. I reserved my car with a debit/VISA credit card. 

I was heading to Cleveland to buy a new car and only needed a one way rental.

When I showed up at the Pittsburgh Airport (7.26.08) at @7:30 a.m. a very rude female agent named Pat said that I could not pay with the very same card I used to hold my reservation, even though I produced multiple forms of Identification, other bank (National City) debit cards and even offered to pay cash!

She said very rudely, "It’s company policy.  People have stolen cards from us and we can’t simply take that kind of card. You should have easily seen the notice on the Alamo Web site!"

So, I had to travel back home – making a 2.5 hour reroute back to the Alamo desk to again pay for my rental with a credit card.

It’s amazing to me the amount of money a brand such as Alamo spends on marketing only to fail at the goal line – the service counter – with rude service and a stupid policy.

It’s amazing how quickly I went from being a huge Alamo fan – because National and they only offer the one-way rental – to completely reversing my feelings and will never, ever rent from them again.

Oh, and regarding their customer service department? It’s been nearly one month since I filed an online complaint and no one has ever responded to me.

BTW – I’m not the only person unhappy with Alamo – check out this site:

Does the brand promise you make in your marketing communications resonate throughout your customer service?         


Everyone Wants To Be A Rock Star

Earlier this month, the AARP announced their sponsorship of an air guitar/lip-sync contest with Foreigner!


Email Gets Its Direct Response Props

E-mail is now the most popular form of direct response marketing
, per a new
survey of large U.S. corporations conducted by Direct Partners, New York.

E-mail is used primarily by 35% of companies compared to 25% which use
traditional direct mail and 21% who use package, statement stuffers or free
standing inserts

This research ties-in to research conducted last fall from
MarketingSherpa, where participants reported that "house e-mail marketing"
delivered the best return-on-investment in terms of direct response.