Brands Need to Embrace Change

Diaper Change There's an old saying that goes, "The only thing that likes change is a wet baby!"

There are a lot of crying wet babies out there among us today. I understand the many reasons why, but it's time we all get up and change our own diapers and stop looking for handouts.

With Spring right around the corner, here are a few things to consider to get moving toward a brighter future and rebirth.

  1. Change will always be a part of your life and you won't be able to
    always control it. Face this fact and work to control your
    controllables. One thing you can immediately control is the effect
    change has on you. embrace change and you'll find doors of opportunity
    open to you. Embrace change and the challenges it brings and ask
    yourself how you can benefit by it.
  2. If you're going watch the news read a paper or go online and be your own editor.  Strive to avoid all of the negativity. Stop watching reality TV and/or cut TV watching in half! Avoid negativity at all costs and do not contribut to it either. Stay positive – be a Tigger!
  3. Get organized and work to de-clutter your life, work and your schedule and open yourself to more productive and enjoyable times. When you;re organized, you can typically handle changes with ease.
  4. Increase your mind's flexibility and make key changes to your rigid routines or thought patterns.
  5. Don't be content with predictability and welcome new ventures and the new wonderful things you're about to embrace.

“You can never step into the same river;

for new waters are always flowing on to you.”

 – Heraclitus of Ephesus (Greek philosopher, 540-480BC)


Welcome Back Tiger

Tiger Woods is back prowling the fairways and I'm as jacked as any golf fan!

Tiger epitomizes all that's great in the brand of sports and most certainly exposes what's bad about it – and what might be wrong for your business too.

This Wall Street Journal story states that according to Nielsen the average number of viewers who watched network broadcasts of
eight golf tournaments without Tiger dropped 47% vs. last year, when Mr. Woods when he was playing.

Do you have a Tiger Woods in your portfolio of stocks, clients etc.?

If so, you need to work on diversifying your portfolio or you could experience the same troubles the PGA endured last year.  The PGA might be in for more trouble this year as well even with Tiger on the loose because it is built on corporate sponsorships – lots of automobile ones – and it appears as though they won't be backing the Tour as much as in previous years especially if they're getting financial help from the government – check that – help from you and me!

Net – as much as I love Tiger, the PGA and your portfolio needs a few more Arnies and Jacks too!


Get Touchy Feely

I caught this article that discusses a study that states that if you let someone touch an item for a few seconds they're much more likely to buy it. I totally agree, because I've seen the touchy feely marketing strategy work great in automotive (test drives), bakeries (free samples), wireless (make free call) and a lot more industries. It simply works.

Try to get your prospects to use as many of their senses throughout the buying process/

What can you offer a prospect that allows her to touch, taste or try your product?

Do it and you'll close more sales.


Valentine’s Day Loses Some Love

If this Valentine's Day is any indication, you can count on Holiday sales periods to under deliver the entire year because of these tough economic times we're all in. So, you'll need to amp up your holiday sales marketing planning because the same old same old is not going to cut it.


Consumers plan to spend an average of $102.50 on Valentine’s
Day gifts and merchandise, down from last year’s $122.98 per person,
according to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF’s) “2009 Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions” survey, conducted by BIGresearch.


Marketing Silver Bullets

Silver bullet9
Earlier this week, I felt like shooting (even though I don't own a gun) that fat Groundhog Phil and his forecast of six more weeks of winter, but thought I should use my energy in a more productive fashion.

So, as I move along in this Blog, from time to time I'll offer you a few free pearls of what I think are big Marketing Bullets you can use to build your business.

The first pearl is that there are no Marketing Silver Bullets, but there are Silver bullets as shown on the left.  However, there are Marketing Bullets that can bring you you silver, gold, green and more!

You'll read more about them soon enough.



Top B2C ROI Tactics

I love the team at MarketingSherpa and have learned a great deal from them. Here's a good bench marking marketing chart to see what your fellow advertisers feel are the best ROI driving B2C tactics from Q4, 2008.

Marketingsherpa chart2

The size
of the bubbles represents their relative share of online budgets. House
email, SEO and paid search continue to enjoy the best ROI. Are you tracking?


Groundhog Day Marketing Lessons

Groundhog day
Holidays give brands a reason to hold sales, special events and other promotions.

If you're a bit behind on your marketing calendar planning for 2009 or if the economy has upset it, start over with a new one focused on key traffic building holidays and give customers a fun reason to buy from you today.

Then, add unique twists to your promotions and special events to stand out from the crowd and watch your sales roll in.

For a little fun check out the official Web site of Punxsutawney Phil!