Posterous is Stupendous

posterous-logoI first discovered Posterous through Steve Rubel (big fan) and recommend you try it on for size. Posterous is a new, dead simple, easy, sexy and free blogging platform. The “secret sauce” of Posterous is that it acts more like a Blog hub. Rather than trying to pull people back to your site, it allows you to easily deliver your unique content where your readers are living life. I’ve been doing a deep dive into Posterous for the past few months and among many things, I love its email-to-Blog feature and free style form – check it out!


American Marketing Association – Pittsburgh Chapter

AMA InsertAs president of the Pittsburgh American Marketing Association ( for the 2007/08 season and members of the programming and communications teams, Stephen Wayhart led the 63 year old Chapter into the record books by building the largest membership of Pittsburgh marketing executives in its long history and achieved its highest increase in Revenue-to-Expense Ratio of 122+%!

AMA Pittsburgh Chapter goals were met working under an aggressive “Raise the Marketing Bar” Mantra.

The Chapter delivered more member value (3X the number of speakers than prior years), more innovative programming offerings such as Summertime Marketing Mixers, Fall and Spring Marketing Summits (Digital and Target Marketing) and Pittsburgh’s first Marketer of the Year and Hall of Fame event!


One Page Case Studies

GuinnessThroughout the early 80’s as a Golden Flash undergraduate at Kent State University I mastered many a case study under the tutelage of Professors’ Guinness and Jameson to name just a few, however in my last year I had a Marketing Case studies class that put me on the right track.

We were taught (presumably) an abbreviated version of the popular Harvard Business School Case Study Method. With all due respect to Harvard, whether this method entirely relates to their method is beside the point.  The plain and simple truth is that crystallizing a one page marketing case study works wonders.

Here are the 5 Steps to writing a one page marketing case study:

1. Define the Key/Central Problem in One Sentence

Seems easy, but very tough to do. For example, a retail firm I worked with in the past had lots of problems. Was it poor advertising? Maybe? Was it our sales closing rates – actually close rates were high for the industry. Net, the central problem was that “We did not get enough foot traffic through our doors to generate the number of sales we needed each month to meet our plan!!”

2. List Assumptions

Assumptions are statements of conditions that will stay in effect if you choose to do nothing. For example, “Our advertising is controlled by national marketing and we will have little influence over our message.”

3. List Alternatives

For example, “We could spend more money and advertise a local message.” List more here.

4. Recommendation (Choice of One Alternative in Step #3)

5. Rationale (Why You Chose Your Recommendation)

State why you chose this particular alternative – course of action – and provide a convincing fact-based point of view.

I continue to use this problem solving method today to crystallize every client engagement and I’m sure it will help you do the same.  Try it!

P.S.: I still benefit and enjoy the teachings of Professors’ Guinness and Jameson and a few more. And, I’m still benefiting from the teachings of my old Kent State marketing professor who I believe was David Ratz. Dave if you’re out there, thanks a million!


Whiskey Rebellion II

We led the “Whiskey Rebellion II” marketing strategy and rebranding of the Friends Against Counterproductive Taxation (F.A.C.T.) ( campaign to, “Axe the 10% Drink Tax”imposed by Allegheny County government on Pittsburgh area restaurants, taverns and banquet halls.

We provided expert Web site, email marketing and analytics, Web 2.0 strategies and executions and Public Relations counsel which led to national media coverage by the Associated Press and Wall Street Journal and a ton of media coverage throughout the Pittsburgh region!

Our award winning and record breaking marketing effort helped F.A.C.T. collect over 40,000 signatures (nearly 2X required) for a ballot vote of the people – the largest collection of Referendum signatures in Allegheny County history!

And, BrandMill won a first place Marketer of the Year Award in the Hospitality, Entertainment, Sports category from the Pittsburgh American Marketing Association plus three first place Renaissance Awards (Best Public Affairs Campaign, Best Press Kit and Best Poster) from the Pittsburgh Public Relations Society of America!