Do Better in Google with WordPress

wordpress_logo_buttonThroughout the year, I’ve been using WordPress more and more to build a variety of Web sites and have been super impressed with it.

Not only is WordPress easy to use for non-programmers, but it is so search engine friendly that my clients have easily realized double and triple digit increases in Web traffic.

I’m always on the lookout for new Web technologies and in the world of Content Management Systems, I just researched WordPress a bit more to see if it was too good to be true because there are so many out there (see list here).

My concerns were put to rest after I caught this video of Matt Cutts who works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues.

“Straight From Google: What You Need To Know”
WordCamp San Francisco – May 30, 2009, by Matt Cutts

In this video (see about 3:10 minutes in), Matt states that if you want to do better in Google, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” and that it is such a fantastic piece of software that, “WordPress takes care of 80-90% of your Search Engine Optimization mechanics.”

Matt’s word is good enough for me and I encourage you to watch this video for additional SEO tips. I’ve been a big Google fan since its birth and it’s quality people like Matt Cutts that keep me loyal.

Check out Matt Cutts’ Gadgets, Google, and SEO Blog too – good stuff.


Email Excellence

Email PopularityMost of the seminars and workshops I’ve given over the past year have dealt with improving Brand’s Social Media Smarts. Many in my audience tend to gasp, yawn or say, “get on with it” when I open with the fact they they need to get better at executing email marketing.
We marketers are always hell-bent on the next “new-new thingy” (e.g., strategy and/or tactic) instead of slowing down just a bit to make certain we’re striving for flawless execution on the prior “new-new thingies” we’ve somewhat abandoned to make way for the new “new-new-thingies!”
Email is still the “Mac Daddy” of online marketing when it comes to driving ROI – the Direct Marketing Association says it’s $45.06 vs. $1.00 – so, it makes financial and common sense to work harder on improving your email marketing excellence.
See this recent post to see how well your open and click through rates compare to your industry and list size averages.
Even though Social Media Marketing is all the rage and gaining ground, email still rocks!
None of these marketing tools are silver bullets – but they’re all big bullets and when you integrate them together, that’s where the magic is!
Sure, SMM will impact email marketing and other forms too, however it won’t kill it.

The MarketingSherpa (BIG FAN) chart above, shows one view of how email is used to share information – an activity central to social media sites. You can see how dominant Email still is when it comes to information sharing!

When you look at all forms of media over the past 50-100 years, you’ll see what Marketing Sherpa sees and that is, “a pattern of aggregation and adoption rather than replacement. Some media suffer in the exchange, but none are eliminated entirely. More commonly, their uses become more refined.”

I agree.  How do I know? Well, I’m 47 years old, I’m a Marketer (traditional and Social Media too) and I still enjoy my reading my newspaper in the morning and I love to listen to Mike & Mike on ESPN radio in the morning.

That’s right. I still read newspapers and listen to the radio and watch TV…don’t you?

P.S.: I use Twitter for writing telegrams – R.I.P Western Union.


Better Email Marketing

For the past few years, our clients have continued to embrace email marketing and have gotten pretty sophisticated using it by adding video, sub-segmentation strategies, editorial calendars and much more.

Because of the affordability and relative ease of use of email service technologies, I’m sure you’ve witnessed how much more “stuff” you get pounded with from familiar and unfamiliar brands.

And, it’s amazing to me how marketers who care for their brands so well in traditional media slap just about any old copy and creative into an email and batch and blast it! Many SMEs and large brand emails alike take on the look of a “ransom note” with multiple fonts and typefaces too.

Email unsubscribers

It’s sinful for brands to be lazy marketers with email marketing when it is one of the easiest (if not the easiest) channels to target the right message at the right time to the right audience.

As this chart points out, we – YOU – can all improve our email marketing through better list segmentation, using relevant copy and by deploying campaigns in a rhythmic cycle from a respected, familiar person/firm.


Character is a Killer App

Red tulip 2 The more I study social media marketing, the more I’m convinced that Brands looking to profitably grow need to be remarkable and have tremendous character and integrity. It’s disappointing to see that so many experts who write and lecture about SMM fail to warn Brands that there are no shortcuts.

If your service or product is mediocre or garbage, all you’re going to do with SMM is go out of business faster! Character is a killer app because so few Brands have it.


Social Media Marketing Presentation for the York County Chamber of Commerce Business & Technology Expo

York Chamber Expo Color Logo Large Yesterday, I had a terrific time meeting some fun and fascinating people at the York County Chamber of Commerce‘s Business and Technology Expo in York, PA.

What a great event!

It was motivating for me to see so many enthusiastic people promoting their businesses (100+ exhibitors) and basically saying, “To heck with this recession and let’s take care of business together!”

And, I was honored and excited to give a brief seminar about, “The 10 Keys to Profitably Improving Your Social Media Smarts!” We had a packed room with lots of interested and interesting people of all ages and professions – all eager to hear how they and their businesses can benefit from Social Media Marketing. There was so much more we could have discussed and I would have loved to have done a deep dive on more specific subjects, but we only had an hour to spend together. But, it was a good hour well spent!

Note: Click here to Download Seminar-york-pa-chamber-bus-expo-execs-seminar-5.6.09-r1

Many thanks to the entire York County Chamber staff specifically President Tom Donley, Executive Vice President Bob Jensenius, Louise Heine, Robert Brooks III and Venessa DeLauder for their invitation, hospitality and for putting on a first class event.

Thank You York County Chamber of Commerce!

You have a great organization, beautiful town with beautiful people and I loved every minute of it!


Jon Stewart Rails On Twitter

My jury is still out on Twitter (even though I tweet – follow me in twitterland here – because of the immense “time suck” so many social media platforms take and it seems as though we Brands go from the newest latest and greatest without mastering or at least delivering an 7 out of 10 on prior efforts. For example, how many of you have fully blown out your LinkedIn profile 100%? or, truly knock email marketing out of the park! Or, deliver frequent, consistent, rhythmic, meaningful added-value, non echo chamber Blog posts – I know I struggle at times.

In fact, I just finished about a 2-3 week self imposed break from this Blog and some other Social Media efforts to simply just THINK about this stuff and a whole bunch of other things!

And now, to quote that famous Manhattan Marketer George Costanza from Seinfeld, “I’m back baby!”

Anyway, on this cold, dreary rainy Spring day, see Jon Stewart’s rail on Twitter below. Very funny and very accurate for now? Like all new marketing tools, I’ll continue to participate and monitor.  I still encourage you to jump in…the water’s fine, have fun and don’t sweat it. FYI the churn rate on Twitter is crazy.


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Team Hoyt

I thought this post was appropriate due to this special day of Good Friday – a day of sacrifice by one man Jesus Christ who changed the world  – and one who has changed my world for the better.

With this video, I hope you're as uplifted as I am by the sacrifice of this man for his son – I'm sure he has changed the world for others as well. I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you.

Here is more information about Team Hoyt. And a related interview from the Today Show.

FYI – Tangle is "a global technology company that creates social networking tools for the faith-based and family friendly marketplace. tangle is a place where all users including Individuals, Groups, Churches, Ministries and Bands, among others, can come to connect and share their faith and lives through videos, photos, blogs, prayers, music and more."

This site shows a great way how a brand such as Christianity is using the power of grassroots storytelling in a remarkably demonstrative, show and tell social media way. 
And, how marketing can help make the world a better place.
Excellent visuals, music, and remarkable story.

A remarkable story is the true essence of any successful brand.


U.S. Online Advertising Spending, Viewing and Use Growing

Here's another great chart detailing U.S. Online Advertising Spending trends.

eMarketer estimates that paid
search spending will not only rise in 2009, but double between 2009 and
2013, when it will approach $24 billion.

Even if the economic crisis levels
off this prediction, made in August 2008, the accountability of paid
search makes it more valuable than most other forms of advertising,
online or offline.

Marketing accountability is key.

US Online Advertising Spending

Here are some other encouraging links charts about online advertising viewing penetration.

U.S. Online Video Advertising Viewer Penetration

And online advertising viewing too. .

U.S. Online Video Advertising Viewers

Certainly this is an area to increase your marketing skill as most marketers agree!

Tactics marketers plan to increase


YouTube Dominates Video Viewing Space

OK, so you have a web site, maybe started a Blog, then added a Flickr photo set to it now you're ready for online video. Be confident nd host your videos on YouTube because they're the Mac Daddy in the video viewing space.

According to Compete last fall, here is how the top players in the video viewing space rank:

  1. Google, including YouTube, has a 55.4% share of video viewing
    visits to online video site properties among US Internet users
  2. All four networks made it into the top 10, but their market share is dominated by YouTube
  3. NBC, in third place, garners a mere 3.9% of
    visits – the first time NBC has been in the top five
  4. Fox
    Interactive Media has a 3.9% share too
  5. ABC commands 2.8% of visits to
    online video sites
  6. CBS Interactive accounted for just 2%.